Airis Twilight Ruxezemburg
Infinite stratos Airis Twight
 Also Known As Alice (from Ichika Orimura and Djbril Emulail)
Personal Info
 Gender Female
 Age 14
 Nationality Luxembourg
 Relatives Parents (Deceased)

Six Older Siblings (Brothers and Sisters)

 Occupation Princess

1st Year IS Academy Student

 Academic Standing
 Infinite Stratos (IS) Seventh Princess
 Status Alive
 Appears in Light Novel
 Light Novel Debut Volume 12
 Manga Debut
 Anime Debut
 Japanese Voice
 English Voice
 Other Voice(s)

Airis Twilight Ruxezemburg is the seventh princess and IS Representative Candidate of Luxembourg. She transfers into IS Academy in volume 12.


Airis is a short petite girl with long pale blond hair and pink eyes. She wears a small red and gold tiara on the left side of her head, which is the standby form of her IS. She wears a modified version on the IS Academy uniform, which has small angel wings on the back, a pink sash and light blue frills skirt. She also wears white stockings and red high heels. Her IS suit is white. She also has a wide range of dresses.


Airis has a proud and generally forward personality, befitting that of a princess. She acts like a very spoiled brat, having made Ichika her attendant as soon as she met him without giving him any right to refuse and kept ordering him around. After formally enrolling at IS Academy and getting defeated by Lingyin and Houki, Airis resolved to be less spoiled.

Following this, Airis became a little more shyer, acting a little more her age. However, she's still very bold at times as well, even standing up to Chifuyu in Ichika's defense and asking Ichika if she could sleep in the same bed as him. Although, she was completely embarrassed by what she did the next morning, showing how innocent she still is. She even believed because they spent together and Chifuyu gave her "approval", they were in a relationship.


  • Ichika Orimura - The only male IS pilot. When Airis first met Ichika, she quickly took a interest in him and had him accompany her while she was in Japan. While she constantly gave him orders during their first week together, Airis began growing closer to Ichika during that time. When the two went out shopping, Airis asked Ichika if he wanted to come live in her country as her servant. At that time, they were drugged and she was kidnapped but was saved by Ichika. This caused her to completely fall for him and wanted him to come live with her.
  • Lingyin Huang - The IS representative Candidate of China. Airis got into a match with Lingyin after she declared she wanted to bring Ichika to home country.
  • Djbril Emulail - Her Imperial Knight. As a princess and a knight, the two have a master-and-servant relationship. Djbril tends to be overprotective of Airis and would prefer she didn't get involved in anything dangerous. After formally enrolled at the IS Academy, Airis got Djbril to be more casual to her, even telling her to call her by her new nickname (Alice). Airis also has a high opinion of Djbril as a woman and wanted her advice on how to get Ichika to like her, completely unaware she has no experience with men.
  • Chifuyu Orimura - Airis treats Chifuyu with proper respect in oppose to how she talked down to everyone else. Chifuyu likewise treats with more respect compared to the rest of her students, likely because Airis is a princess.

Infinite Stratos & Abilities

As a IS Representative Candidate, Airis is a fairy skilled fighter and IS pilot. She was able to transfers into the IS Academy even through she's underage. However, she's still inexperienced, having been at Lingyin and Houki's mercy when they managed to turns the tables during their match.

She pilot's the 4th generation IS, Seventh Princess, which was made by Tabane Shinonono herself.



  • Being a princes, Airis‘s has a habit of saying “Off with your head” to those that make her angry which itself is a reference to the story Alice in Wonderland.
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