LN Volume 12 Akatsubaki
 Pilot Houki Shinonono
 Generation Type Unknown
 Battle Type Custom Close-Quarters Combat Type
 Armaments Twin Katanas ("Amatsuki" and "Karaware")
 Manufacturer Tabane Shinonono

Akatsuki was Houki Shinonono's first IS that was created for her by Tabane Shinonono before the start of the series.


Akatsuki was very similar to Akatsubaki in appearance and weaponry, being a red IS with two Katanas as its main weapons. Akatsuki also carried the same core as Akatsubaki. However, Akatsuki was more powerful than its successor, being even called the "ruler" of all IS.

1st Shift/Armaments & Abilities

Akatsuki was an extremely powerful IS, being called the 'ruler' of all IS. With it, Houki Shinonono (who was in middle school at the time when she received it) was able to heavily wound Chifuyu Orimura, the world strongest IS pilot and fatally damage her Kurezakura IS, forcing her to retire.


  • Twin Katanas (Close-Range) with individual abilities:
    • Amatsuki (雨月, Rainy Moon?): The katana on her right which is optimized for 1 on 1 combat. With its secondary function activated, it shoots out multiple red-colored laser beams from around the IS, in a concentrated pattern toward a single target.
    • Karaware (空裂, Cracked Sky?): The katana on her left which is optimized for combating multiple enemies. With its secondary function activated, it shoots out a large beam slash in the form of a crescent moon or in the shape of a wave at the target and can even take out multiple targets around it.
  • Thousand Pierces (穿千, Ugachi?), A Blaster Crossbow that was created after Houki 'gained experience values to a certain extent'. Fires a crimson red laser where the output is variable according to the pilot.
  • Code Red: A backdoor output-limiting mode that prevents other IS in Akatsuki's vicinity from using their full strength.


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