Alicia Jiosestaf is the second winner of the Mondo Grosso and the former IS Representative Cadet of Italy. In volume 10, she joined Phantom Task in order to have her rematch with Chifuyu Orimura.


Alicia is a tall, young woman with long red hair. She wears a handguard of a katana over her missing right eye and is lacking a right arm as well. She lost both of these in a accident when she was testing Tempesta II. Her IS, Tempesta replaces both of them with machine parts when she deploys it. She wears a revealing kimono.


Alicia is very causal and carefree woman, even in serious situations, such as sticking close to Ichika while meeting all the personal pilots from the IS Academy and Chifuyu. Befitting her former position as a IS Representative Cadet, Alicia is highly confident in her abilities and is not one to back down in the face of a challenge.

Alicia is also very competitive and honorable, as she refused to be called the winner of the second Mondo Grosso because she didn't get to fight Chifuyu Orimura in the final's (due to the latter forfeiting to save her younger brother). To get her rematch with Chifuyu, she was willing to join Phantom Task. However, she made it clear to Squall she wouldn't accept any mission that didn't involved Chifuyu.


Infinite Stratos & Abilities

Alicia is a world renown IS pilot, having placed 2nd in the first Mondo Grosso and won the second, earning the title Brunhilde. However, she only won the second Mondo Grosso because Chifuyu Orimura had forfeited the final match in order to save her younger brother, who had been kidnapped by Phantom Task at the time.

Her personal IS is the Tempesta. It can manipulates wind and has the One-Off Ability Early Tempest, which allows her to create clones of herself.

Physically, Alicia has shown to be extremely fast with amazing reflexes, being able to casually defect bullets with her left arm.


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