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RaiCheu RaiCheu 7 April

Laura's Odin's Eye

I've searched for a while for more information on what Laura's left eye(golden) actually does, but haven't come up with much. So far what I can find is that it would hypothetically heighten Laura's response time and awareness. Is there anything else to it than that? I don't think just an eye can do all that. Also, if it supposedly failed(why she wears an eyepatch), then would it have any negative side effects? She doesn't exhibit any of those in the anime(I have yet to dive into the LN).

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Dracomaner Dracomaner 5 August 2020

It's been so long...

I have to admit, when I first entered the Infinite Stratos fandom, I was just enjoying the Mech Suits and somewhat decent plot. Ichika's dry humor and snark drew me in as much as the different Infinite Stratos Units did. Then Season 1 of the Anime came and went, and I started thinking about the backstories of each characters, wondering how their individual timeline matched with one another.

When did Ichika and Houki first meet? (When they were 4) 11 to 12 years before canon.

When did they first befriend one another? (A year later, after Ichika defended Houki from bullies) 10 to 11 years before canon.

When did they part ways? (When they were 9, when Houki was about to compete in a Kendo Tournament. After they made a promise to date if she won)…

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WikiNumbers WikiNumbers 18 December 2019

To do list

  • Unifying customization for all infoboxes.
  • Renaming episodes to "Infinite Stratos Episode [XX]" format
    • Leave "Episode [X]" redirect for SS1 episodes.
    • For SS2, "Infinite Stratos 2 Episode [XX]"
    • OVAs, "Infinite Stratos OVA [X]"
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Pavinn00tec Pavinn00tec 29 April 2019


Because my computer isn’t working in posting blogs, attempt 25.

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CaptainFlowerss CaptainFlowerss 19 March 2018

Improved Infinite Stratos Fanon!

Greetings to those who reads this! I am back, and had greatly improved the Infinite Stratos Fanon! As you all realized by the new templates of characer, IS etc I have added here, came from the fanon site (though the actual thing is from the Seven Deadly Sins Wikia, to which I used for the framework). Nevetheless, the wikia is better, along with a feature & voting systems. Now only can one make characters and ISs, one can also begin to write their battles, and/or skirmishes using the template there. Organisation is allowed as well.

However, the rules and regulutions is, basic to say the least, and has a area of improvement if you all wish to come along. But even so, you can almost do whatever you desire, from trans-fictional fanon lore, from…

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CaptainFlowerss CaptainFlowerss 10 November 2017

Enhanced & more Defined Templates

I do hope you all like the new template design! It's presented with more defined and professional look and feel, and makes it seem like a actual mainstream anime/manga/novel. As a fan (since I founded the Infinite Stratos Fanon, I like the look brings out with more of a feel to read it. Having this shows the community of the IS can try to improve!

Also, please check out the fanon if you're a fan :3

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CaptainFlowerss CaptainFlowerss 17 February 2017

Infinite Stratos Fanon

Hello, I just made the Infinite Stratos Fanon, feel free to enter, and start doing things.

However, it IS a recently new wikia. And so, a lot of things is needed to be done (background, templates added, do the symbol thing, etc). So, if anyone wishes to contribute to help the site to grow, feel free to message me, and we can help each other to make it large. I thank you for reading, and possibly joining the fanon wikia. And if you do wish to help it expand, that be great!

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Ore-Kito Ore-Kito 30 November 2015

I'm New To IS Wiki!


Just started this wiki, and I know just about...


If you guys could give me some tips on how I could help that would be great! I've watched the anime, read the light novel, and am still reading the manga. Thanks!

-Kito, hopefully not upset.

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Gtietze Gtietze 26 May 2015

IS light novel news/info/discussion & do u guys think we need more male IS pilots, & stated your ideas on how to allow guys to pilot IS units(your opinions)

i think we need more male IS pilots, beside ichika & more news about the LN series

therios on why ichika is the only guy that can pilot an IS unit?

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RinkakuKagune RinkakuKagune 26 May 2015

IS Fanon

I made a IS Fanon Wiki , so feel free to go on it!

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Ninjacristos Ninjacristos 25 April 2014

Infinite Stratos Drama CD's

Hey Everyone,

I came across a site that hosts the translation of the IS Drama CDs and started listening to them. I gotta say that I started listening to Charlotte's and Rin's and now I am hooked. I am probably going to listen to the rest on my freetime. I was wondering if there should be a page for the each of them. I know that the Drama CD wiki has it but it does go into further detail. What do you guys think. I will leave a link to to Drama CD's in a link below for anyone that wants to listen to them. See Ya~!!

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Mckrongs Mckrongs 13 April 2014

IS Infinite Stratos x Monster Hunter Frontier G Genuine

Hey Infinite Stratos Wiki. I am Mckrongs, a Bureaucrat and Administrator of the Monster Hunter Wiki.

Infinite Stratos and Monster Hunter Frontier G Genuine had a collaboration and we at the Monster Hunter Wiki have set up this page for the event here:

w:c:monsterhunter:IS Infinite Stratos

Please feel free to use content and sources in our page to represent the Monster Hunter Series in this Wiki. As I am not familiar with the system inside Infinite Stratos Wiki nor have watched / read the series so any name corrections will be helpful.

As the Frontier G Genuine collaboration is recent news we are also constantly updating our Article for it, so check back often if there are new content inside the page. Thank you and cheers. :)

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Hunter89 Hunter89 9 April 2014

Any news about season 3 or OVA?

I just finished season 1 and i'm going to watch season 2. I want to ask if there are any news about OVA's or a season 3? Is it going to continue? Just intersted not some crazy folk asking to have season 3!

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Deathmanstratos Deathmanstratos 8 September 2013

Things to do

Since this Wiki is basically aside you rarely active few and the fact I now have school, I'm not sure how this wiki will stand. I have plenty of things that could be done, and although I know few of you may read this, some things that would be nice that we could do are:

  • Finish episode summaries and only have them on their respective episode page. Having them on each characters page with the same text is pointless.
  • Reupload images with proper names and fie type (A lot seem to be .gif files)
  • At least get a bit more organized by the time season 2 drops by, although I have no idea if it will continue to stay barely active.
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Deathmanstratos Deathmanstratos 19 July 2013

Wiki Adoption

Seeing as though the only administrator has been inactive since January 15, 2012, I have been thinking of adopting the wiki. I am relatively new, yes, but have experience. There are very few active users here, but if you wish to leave feedback, feel free. Having an active administrator would be very beneficial if this wiki is to become active again, in the chance that season 2 attracts new users.

UPDATE:Taking longer than expected, although I didn't really know what to expect... and the OVA trailer is out! @Off-topic.

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HarryAck HarryAck 5 October 2012

Questions and suggestions for the people who started Infinite Stratos

My question's are "Will there be a second season for Infinite Stratos (Anime)? and When will Infinite Stratos (manga) come out in the United States? and my suggestion to the artists and maker of Infinite Stratos manga and anime, how bout putting a IS Carrier (similar to an aircraft carrier, except it would be made to accomdate IS's aboard) the design of the carrier would be similar to a Yorktown class from World War II."

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