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Chifuyu Orimura (織斑 千冬 Orimura Chifuyu) is the older sister of Ichika Orimura and is currently his Homeroom Teacher in Class One as well as the 1st Year Dorm Supervisor in the IS Academy. She is the former IS Representative of Japan and a first Mondo Grosso champion before she retired. Additionally, she is a close friend to the IS creator, Tabane Shinonono.


Chifuyu casual clothes

Chifuyu is a beautiful adult woman with long black hair that is split into parts in a similar manner to Ichika´s hair, brown eyes and she is shown to be quite tall, but shorter than Ichika. She normally keeps her hair tied down in waist-long low ponytail but will wear it a high ponytail when she's about to fight. Chifuyu has stoic, serious expression most of the time.

She is also said to possess good fashion sense and the way she carries herself is seen as being regal, like a high-born lady. Her normal IS teaching outfit consists of a formal white shirt, with a black business overcoat and matching skirt, green tie, stockings and Mary Jane heeled shoes. For IS Training, she changes into a white jogging suit. Outside of work, Chifuyu wear more casual outfits such as jeans and tank top. During her fight with the Unknown squad Leader, Chifuyu wore a full bodysuit.

In the light novel and reboot manga, other characters have often said that she has a very good figure, having a trained yet voluptuous body without any trace of fat on her and large breasts while not being too much muscular. She is often compared to a model by her "worshipers" on a regular basis. Even Ichika tends to get a little embarrassed when he sees her in clothing that accentuates her figure, such as the black bikini she wore to the beach. 


Chifuyu main method of disciplining her students, even for not addressing her as sensei

Chifuyu is seen to be a very stern and strict woman, even to her own family, as seen when she tells Ichika to call her Orimura-sensei instead of his more familiar Chifuyu-nee ('Big Sis Chifuyu'). She is also very prideful and stoic, having cared for Ichika since they were young and therefore is forced to essentially be a parent to him. Also, being a very skilled IS instructor, Chifuyu has stated that what makes her strong is her little brother Ichika, for it is him who gives her strength. She has a following of many girls who admire her, being the first Mondo Grosso champion, and call her things like Onee-sama (very respectful 'Big Sister') as well as hang onto her every word. Chifuyu thinks how amazing that it seems "all of the idiots have come to her class" (referring to her students). In one way or another, Chifuyu often gets particularly annoyed whenever the girls start making disturbances inside the school, especially if such cases involve Ichika. Despite this, she still cares about all her students more than almost anything in the world, with only her younger brother being more important to her[1].

However, as a teacher, she is simply put, merciless. Handing out chops, slaps and even genuine punches to her own students (mainly ichika and the girls) for even the slightest of offenses. She is also very unreasonable, as despite being the one who made Ichika go to the academy and knowing fully well he had no way or reason to learn about the IS before, she refuses to give him any slack as a teacher. Chifuyu is also very prideful, stubborn and has a problem with showing her emotions or praising others, especially Ichika. This cause Maya to often tease her about to which Chifuyu treat her by sparing with her as a punishment's. She also think highly of herself as a woman, saying she could have gotten married already if she didn't have look after Ichika (which is ironic as others note they look more like married couple than siblings). During the seaside trip, she proudly wore a revealing black bikini that showed off her figure without any signs of embarrassment.

Despite her strictness, it seems she also has a far more casual side, that of a normal woman who enjoys drinking alcohol (which apparently even Laura Bodewig does not know of, despite having trained under her for a full year), and messing with her juniors from time to time. She acts very differently at home, being extremely casual and relaxed, which is why Ichika was caught off guard so much the first day. She doesn't do much housework, leaving Ichika to tend to things. She also does like to tease others on occasion, especially Ichika, who is very susceptible to her. When she starts drinking, she tends to loosen up a lot. She also becomes more teasing towards those who happen to be around her in her drunken state, even joking about their body in ways she normally wouldn't[2].

Chifuyu when she loosen up

She is also very protective of Ichika, as he's the only family she ever had and considers him to be vitally important to her[3]. She was the one to enroll him into the IS Academy almost immediately after it was confirmed that he had the ability to pilot the female-exclusive IS units. Some of the characters noted that her closeness with him seems a little suggestive, which only serves to incur a bit of her wrath when they tease her about it. She is also unable to admit and express her affection to Ichika due to her personality and pride. Although, in rare cases show hints before instantly turns to her usual behavior. Tatenashi said the reason why Chifuyu is so strict with Ichika is because she's afraid to lose him. However, their are times where doesn't bother to help her younger brother at the academy, thus she will step in when they're about to go too far.

More so, the girls note that the interaction between her and Ichika during certain situations, such as when Ichika blushed profusely after seeing his own sister in a rather revealing black two-piece swimsuit (which he himself chose in the novel and reboot manga). However, this could simply be because he was embarrassed to see her dressed in such a sexy swimsuit, thus he did think it look great on her[4]. There was also their initial impression on the massage incident, but that was just the girls jumping to conclusions. Through this, Chifuyu is highly aware that all the first year personal IS pilots and Tatenashi are in love with Ichika. While she's usually annoyed by the girls fighting over her younger brother (especially the fuss and damage they do time from time), she's willing to let them spend time with him, something they're grateful for when she's willing to leave them alone with him[5]. However, Chifuyu also enjoys knowing that Ichika still treats her better than any of them and can be a bit smug when he displays it[6].

Chifuyu showing her confidence while facing an IS without one.

In battle, Chifuyu is very level headed and confident, as she would smile and mock her opponent,similar to her younger sister Madoka. This confidence seems to come from her former title as the world's strongest and the fact that she's a enhanced human. She didn't even show any worry or fear about facing an IS without one[7]. In addition, she deeply regrets that she had to allow the personal IS students to fight in real battles, accepting that it was an unforgivable action for a teacher and adult[8]. Despite this sense of guilt, she would still send out her students on missions instead of heading out herself due to her IS being currently unusable. This lead Tabane to believe she needed to lose one of her students during an incident to get her back out in the field, acknowledging as her own fault for not doing so sooner[9].

When alone with Ichika, Chifuyu doesn't mind acting very flirtatiously toward her brother

While Chifuyu is tough most of the time, she will give others moral support. She often encourages those like Laura and the Unknown Squad Leader to find meaning in life outside of their military duty. This probably comes from how she chose to abandon the life she originally had as a test subject in order to save Ichika. She likewise gave up her title as the "Brunhilde" to save him when he was captured, putting family over duty.

Chifuyu has always been very secretive, both on a personal level and professional level. She doesn't like being asked questions about her life or history. She has rarely (if ever) told Ichika anything about what she's been doing. Even when he ask her questions, she avoided them and quickly dropped the subject before he could press for answers or simply ignored him. Her tendency of keeping quiet about what she knows even goes above her sense of duty, as despite knowing Tabane Shionono was behind several incidents that have put her students and younger brother in danger, she always pretend she didn't know in front of others. Afterwards, she would have the entire incident kept top secret.


Chifuyu was created as part of Project Mosaica (which translate to 'Orimura' in Japanese), a experiment meant to create the ultimate human. Chifuyu was the 1000th test subject and the first successful one. However, Project Mosaica was canceled after Tabane Shinonono was discovered, who was naturally prefect. Along with Madoka, their was another project that was created but was considered a problem, which was Ichika. To protect her little brother, Chifuyu decided to leave everything she had behind and take Ichika away to raise him herself. In order to protect him from the truth, she lied to him that they were abandoned by their parents, even through they never had any parents to begin with.[10]

Chifuyu was often alone during her school days, due to the fact her presence was, as Ichika put it, "a blade so sharp, it would cut anyone who got close to her". But around the time she started high school, she had begun to mellow out, likely due to her interactions with Tabane, being the only one who could be around her.

Sometime after the announcement of IS, Chifuyu assisted Tabane by piloting the very first IS, the White Knight, and took on the entire armed forces around the world, including taking out the missiles that were aimed at Japan, before disappearing without a trace.

Later, she took part in the IS Tournament and became the first generation "Brunhilde", becoming a finalist for the second tournament. She forfeited her right to contend, however, in order to save Ichika when he was kidnapped. As repayment to the German Military for the information of his location, she became an instructor for them for a year, before disappearing for a while and returning as an IS Academy Instructor. At some point between the two events, Chifuyu was challenged by Houki Shinonono after she received the IS Akatsuki, who managed to heavy damaged Chifuyu and fatally damaged her IS Kurezakura. This forced Chifuyu to retire as a IS pilot[11].

Infinite Stratos & Abilities

Chifuyu suiting up for battle against the intruder IS.

Chifuyu is known worldwide as the first generation pilot who won the first Mondo Grosso, thus obtaining the title of "Brunhilde" and the 2nd place finalist of the second. The only reason for the latter was because she forfeited her match in order to save Ichika, who had been kidnapped by Phantom Task at the time. Because of this, many still consider Chifuyu the true strongest. Her skills are considered the best in the world in that she had to go against the other representative candidates of various countries while wielding only one weapon - the Yukihira. Unknown to the world, she was the pilot of the very first IS, "Shirokishi" (The "White Knight" of the "White Knight Incident") and then later the "Kurezakura", which she used in the Mondo Grosso. The Kurezakura is currently unusable because of the damage it received when Houki Shinonono challenged her with the IS Akatsuki.[12] Both Tabane and Ichika state that she was the previous pilot of a first-generation IS and was once the wielder of the weapon Yukihira (which is now utilized by Byakushiki). She was made a legend due to its unique characteristics and also since it was the only weapon she wielded during the Mondo Grosso.

Chifuyu is a master of kendo, kenjitsu, and various other martial arts, both armed and unarmed. In the past, she taught Ichika how to wield a real katana, among other skills. An example of her skills was when she came between Ichika and Laura, effortlessly wielding a katana sized for the Uchigane IS against Laura's beam saber and stand her ground in swordlock. Ichika has noted that her skills in kendo are far greater than Houki Shinonono, who won kendo tournaments at the national level. She is also a master gymnast and acrobat, giving even someone with an IS a difficult time hitting her. 

Chifuyu is also extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, being the only person who could ever keep up with the unparalleled genius Tabane Shinonono. She also shows great attention to detail in IS combat, as shown when she was giving Ichika (and later Cecilia) a lecture on their flaws, wearing them out in the process. She also has great foresight, allowing her to correctly predict what will happen and prepare for it. In Volume 8, knowing countries would want not only the IS cores from the Golem III, but also the Byakushiki, she sends Ichika out that day to prevent that. Furthermore, she has been the only known person to notice that most of the "out-of-control" IS incidents that had been happening around her were caused by Tabane. She is also very tactical and quick thinking, which was why she was put in change of IS Academy during emergency situation.

Her physical attributes are unparalleled, borderline superhuman, which was demonstrated when she fought an American IS in Volume 8 with nothing but a few katanas (although she couldn't damage the pilot). making her hailed as the world strongest. Tabane has stated that even her naturally enhanced body is only slightly superior to Chifuyu's physical abilities. She possesses great strength, speed, flexibility, dexterity, durability and agility that allow her to be a dangerous opponent for even a IS pilot. The Shirokishi (while it was possessing Ichika) notes that Chifuyu was far stronger than Madoka when the former was the latter's age.

Chifuyu's senses are also extremely sharp, easily noticing when others are around her. This allowed her to see through Chloe Chronicle's illusions. She was also able to fend off the smaller girl's attack that utilized very high technology to induce a virtual bubble around her.

Chifuyu's incredible capabilities are the result of her being the first successful test experiment of Project Mosaica, a secret experiment that was trying to create the ultimate human. This is why she is easily better than almost every other human, with only Tabane Shinonono being her able to rival her, if not being better than her. Furthermore, as a woman, any child Chifuyu gives birth to will most likely have the same potential has her.[13]


  • "That idiot sure is having fun. You've seen him clenching his left hand, right? It's a long time habit of his. When it happens, he usually messes up even the simplest things."
    - Chifuyu to Maya about Ichika's habit (Manga Chapter 2)
  • Chifuyu: "Laura Bodewig."
    Laura: "Yes?"
    Chifuyu: "Who are you?"
    Laura: "Who am I?"
    Chifuyu: "If you're nobody in particular, perfect. From now on you are just Laura Bodewig. But remember... you cannot become me."
    Laura: (laughter)

    - Chifuyu to Laura in the hospital, after the inter-class tournament (Episode 8)
  • Chifuyu: "So, what do you guys see in him?"
    Ichika's Harem: "Umm?"
    Chifuyu: "Well, he can be pretty helpful. He's good at housework and cleaning. And he can give great massages. He'd be beneficial to any woman. So? Do you want him?"
    Ichika's Harem: "Can We?!"
    Chifuyu: "As if."
    Ichika's Harem: "Ehh?!"
    Chifuyu: "If you are a true woman, go with the attitude of wanting to snatch a man. Try to get to my level, kids."

    - Chifuyu to Ichika's Harem about his qualities and what they have to do (Episode 10)
  • Tabane: I wonder who that White Knight was? Right, right Chi-chan? (In a cheerful teasing manner)
    Chifuyu: No Idea.
    Tabane: My guess is that her bust is 88cm...(Chifuyu getting pissed, thus hitting Tabane on the head)
  • Chifuyu: Humans are social creatures, if you want to be able to do everything by yourself, you have to get rid of your humanity first (when talking to Ichika about him trying to do everything by himself in volume 1)
  • Chifuyu: Great, my brother is a natural born gigolo... (proceeds to kick ichika in the butt after tatenashi fails to deny she loves ichika)
  • Ichika: Its going to be difficult to win with only that (talking about how he only has the Yukihara nagata as his IS weapons)
    Chifuyu: "I won the mondo grosso, using only that..."

    - Episode 2 of the anime


  • The name Chifuyu means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "winter" (冬) (fuyu), which relates to how she's the 1000th test subject of Project Mosaica.
    • Thinking of it, her name matches her cold personality and it also has the exact opposite meaning as the name Ichika.
  • Chifuyu's surname Orimura means "weaving" (織) (ori) and "spots" (斑) (mura).



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