After catching the girls eavesdropping at her room while Ichika is massaging her, Chifuyu has a talk with the girls about their feelings for her brother and gives them some advice. The next day, Houki's eccentric sister Tabane Shinonono arrives to deliver Houki's personal IS, the Akatsubaki, a 4th generation IS with abilities far more advanced than the others. However, Chifuyu soon receives news that an unmanned US/Israeli IS called the Silver Gospel has gone out of control. After assessing the situation, Chifuyu orders Ichika and the girls to stop it while Ichika and Houki will pursue it as only their IS are fast enough to catch up with the Silver Gospel.

Major Events

Characters (By Order of Appearance)


  • Seaside school's inn
  • Private IS monitor room

New Locations

  • Seaside school's inn
  • Private IS monitor room


  • Tabane: "I'm Tabane the genius! Hello~! That's all~! That's it!"
    - Tabane introducing herself to the protagonists
  • Chifuyu: "So, what do you guys see in him?"
    Ichika's Harem: "Umm?"
    Chifuyu: "Well, he can be pretty helpful. He's good at housework and cleaning. And he can give great massages. He'd be beneficial to any woman. So? Do you want him?"
    Ichika's Harem: "Can we?!"
    Chifuyu: "As if."
    Ichika's Harem: [collective groan]
    Chifuyu: "If you are a true woman, go with the attitude of wanting to snatch a man. Get with the program, kiddos."

    - Chifuyu to Ichika's Harem about his qualities and what they have to do


  • Tabane has a thing for rabbits, as with the metal bunny ears on her head, the carrot pod she arrived in to give Houki her IS, her unusual way/speed of travelling.
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