Get Ready is the 11th episode of the Infinite Stratos anime's 1st season.


As Ichika and Houki begin their operation, the others notice how happy Houki looks, which prompts Chifuyu to tell Ichika to watch over her carefully. As Ichika and Houki engage in battle with the Silver Gospel and is about to corner it, Ichika notices an illegal fishing boat in the area and breaks off formation to protect it. Houki is angry at Ichika for ruining the plan but he scolds her for disregarding the boat's safety, which is something she never does. However, the Silver Gospel launches a surprise attack on them, which forces Ichika to shield himself to protect Houki. As the critically injured Ichika is admitted, Houki blames herself on what happened and wants to quit being an IS pilot but Cecilia, Lingyin, Charlotte, and Laura manages to convince her otherwise. Together, they decide to defy Chifuyu's orders to stand by and go after the Silver Gospel themselves.

Unanswered Questions

Major Events

  • Ichika and Houki fight against the Silver Gospel but lose due to Houki's behavior.
  • Houki plans to give up on piloting her IS but is emotionally pulled back up by the other girls.
  • The female protagonists are going for a 2nd round against the Silver Gospel.

Characters (By Order of Appearance)


  • Seaside school


  • "You've lost sight of the weak. This isn't like you."
    - Ichika to Houki upon seeing her sudden change of personality
  • "I'm no longer going to pilot an IS."
    - Houki to Lingyin upon her depression


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