The episode starts off with Houki, Rin, and Cecilia attempting to give Ichika some pointers, at the same time, which Ichika has trouble understanding. Afterwards, Charles requested a practice battle with Ichika. After losing against him in a practice bout, Ichika has a training session with Charles, which is interrupted by Laura who wants to fight him, but refuses. Angry at his refusal, Laura fired a beam of energy at Ichika, which Charles blocks. As the situation was getting more tense, instructors came to stop it from getting any worse. In the changing room, after the unlucky confrontation, Ichika commented on Charles' strange behavior concerning changing or showering anywhere close to him. When Ichika was being too persistent, Charles' ran out of the changing room, letting out a wail. On his way back, he spots Laura talking with Chifuyu, begging her to return to Germany and that the IS Academy doesn't, deserve her, but the latter doesn't listen. It is revealed when Ichika was kidnapped during the 2nd Mondo Grosso IS championship, Chifuyu forfeit the finals in order to rescue him. Upon returning to his dorm, Ichika walks in on Charles in the shower to discover he is actually a girl. Charles reveals she is her father's illegitimate daughter who was taken in after her mother passed away and made an IS test pilot. She also revealed that her real name was Charlotte. But when the Dunois corporation entered a financial crisis due to the demand for third generation ISs, Charlotte was ordered to act as a boy to give the company publicity and steal data from Ichika. Sympathizing with her due to his parents abandoning him and Chifuyu, Ichika decides to keep Charlotte's secret as she'll be safe at the IS Academy due to diplomatic immunity. Their conversation was interupted by Cecilia, who invited Ichika to dinner. Much to Ichika and more so to Cecilia's dismay, Houki joined the two of them. Once Ichika came back, he brought back dinner for Charlotte to eat. Realizing that she can't use chopsticks, Ichika proceded to feed her. Meanwhile, Laura, who blames Ichika, for blemishing Chifuyu's record removes her eye-patch, revealing a golden left eye and swears revenge on him.

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