Golden Dawn
Screenshot 2015-07-31-22-25-24
 Pilot Squall Meusel
 Generation Type 3rd Generation
 Battle Type Close Quarters Combat - Long Range Combat
 Armaments "Prominence" 2x Arm Cannon

"Solid Flare" Stinger Tail

 Manufacturer Unknown

Golden Dawn is a 3rd generation IS which is piloted by Phantom Task's Squall Meusel.


Golden Dawn is a gold and red color IS that capable of using a golden color energy for multiple purposes. The energy can used to form a protective cocoon around Squall. She was confident that not even Tatenashi Sarashiki would be able to break through it with Mysterious Lady

1st Shift/Armaments & Abilities

The Golden Dawn has a large tail like weapon with claws that extends from the back. Squall can use it grab onto a enemy so she could finish them off with her other abilities.

  • Prominence : A large tail with stinger that able to grab enemies or deflecting enemy attacks.
  • Prominence Coat : A protective heat barrier that can withstand most attacks from even fellow 3rd Generation IS's.
  • Solid Flare : An arm cannon capable to fire yellow energy balls to shoot an enemy.



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