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Honne Nohotoke (布仏 本音, Nohotoke Honne?), affectionately called "Nohohon-san" by others, is a supporting character in the Infinite Stratos series. She is a 1st year student at the IS Academy, one of Ichika Orimura's classmates in Class One, and a member of the Student Council with Utsuho Nohotoke (Honne's older sister).


Honne has sleepy yellow eyes and pink shoulder-length hair, most of which hang free, the exception being two small pigtails on either side of her head held in place by yellow fox-themed hair ties. Her appearance is usually marked by her modified IS uniform with long sleeves which obscure her hands and baggy clothes with long skirt which cover her to her calfs and short sweeping socks. However, her long sleeves are not always present as her yellow skin-tight suit used during IS exercises which lacks sleeves. Underneath her baggy clothes, Honne has a unexpectedly curvaceous and well-endowed figure, having bigger breast than even Houki and having the body of a fashion model.


She is presented as a cute, childish, happy and enthusiastic girl. Honne loves eating snacks and others sweet thing like cakes. She is an airhead and very forward, always saying what she means. However, Honne can show flashes of seriousness once in a while, which surprise even the Sarashiki sisters who have known her since childhood. Honne is also hightly sensitive about feelings of others.


  • Utsuho Nohotoke - Honne´s older sister. They both work for the student council under Tatenashi Sarashiki. They are in good terms as a sisters, however Utsuka must often reminding Honne´s manners.
  • Ichika Orimura - She, like most other girls, is fascinated with Ichika. In Volume 1, Chapter 2, Honne gives him the nickname "Orimu". This first instance of this was omitted in the anime, so it is heard for the first time in episode 9. Honne feels very comfortable being around Ichika and enjoys clinging to him when she get's the chance. She also has no problem stripping in front of him. She later give him emotional support and tell him that they(girls) are there for him too not just he for them which makes him cry. This also deepen their bond and they would start getting closer, even outside of the Student Council.
  • Tatenashi Sarashiki - Kanzashi's older sister and childhood friend. Tatenashi trust Honne enough to have her work in the Student Council under her, alongside Utsuho.
  • Kanzashi Sarashiki - Honne is Kanzashi's personal maid and childhood friend. Honne is generally loyal to Kanzashi and will do her best to aid her, while Kanzachi act similary to Honne. However, Kanzashi has been growing concern with how close Honne has become with Ichika.

Infinite Stratos & Abilities

She doesn't own a personal IS. Like her older sister, Honne is a member of the maintenance division and is considered to be one of their aces. Honne specialist in construction.


Currently, nothing is known about her history. But she is shown to be Kanzashi Sarashiki's personal maid.

Plot Synopsis

Episode 1: "My Classmates are All Girls"

Honne is first introduced to the Infinite Stratos series as one of Ichika's classmates. She commented on Ichika's big appetite in the morning. When Ichika asked about if eating a small meal in the morning is enough for her, she replied that she eats enough snacks.

Episode 2: "Class Representative Runoff!"

During a recess, Ichika invites Honne and her two friends to eat with him and Houki Shinonono. However, after witnessing Houki putting Ichika to the ground, they faded away.

Honne (middle) and friends

Episode 3: "The Transfer Student is my Second Childhood Friend"

Honne was there to witness Ichika crashing on the ground during an IS practice.

Later, Honne was part of the Class Rep party for Ichika, even posing beside him for the event's picture.

Episode 9: "Ocean's Eleven!"

Honne is seen with the class playing volleyball at the seaside school. Unlike the other girls, Honne wore a mascot-like suit. She also wanted to play walking watchtower when seeing Lingyin jump on Ichika.

Episode 10: "Thine Red Line"

Episode 12: "Your Name Is"


  • The name Honne means "base, root, origin" (本) (hon) and "sound" (音) (ne).
  • Honne's surname Nohotoke means "cloth" (布) (no) and "Buddha" (仏) (hotoke).


  • Honne: "Orimura-kun, you sure have a big appetite in the morning."
    Ichika Orimura: "What about you? Is eating that little really enough for you?"
    Honne: "We eat enough snacks!"

    - Honne and Ichika (Episode 1)
  • Honne: "You know, Orimu. You’re always, always there for us. But you should let us be there for you, too."
    Ichika Orimura: “H-Huh? What are you talking about?”
    Honne: “C’mon, Orimu.” Miss Casual wrapped her arms around him. “When it gets to be too much, we can help. We’re all here for you. All of us.”
    -Honne and Ichika (Light Novel volume 10)


  • Honne is sometimes compared to foxes and kitsunes, mostly because of her pigtails, her enthusiastic personality and fox costume she wears most of the time aside her uniform.
    • She has an unusual ability to be able to wag her foxtail and wiggle her fox ears when in costume.
    • She has barrettes that are foxes.
  • According to herself, Honne's three sizes starting from the top are 91, 59 and her last one being in the 80's.
  • Honne enjoys eating snacks
  • In the original Japanese novels her nickname is "Nohohon-san" (のほほんさん) by others, while in the English dub - "Miss Casual".


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