IS Complete Album

Infinite Stratos Complete Album (インフィニット・ストラトス コンプリート アルバム?) is a song collection album featuring all the character songs and theme songs from the Infinite Stratos games. It was published by Lantis and released on June 08, 2016.

Song List

Track Song Artist Description
1 Overflowing Minami Kuribayashi IS2: Love and Purge OP
2 Romantic Blue Minami Kuribayashi IS: Blazing Memory Theme
3 Galactic World Minami Kuribayashi IS: Versus Colors Theme
4 Miraikei Power Yoko Hikasa Houki Shinonono's Character Song
5 Clear Blue World Yukana Cecilia Alcott's Character Song
6 Happy End ni Tsuretette Asami Shimoda Lingyin Huang's Character Song
7 Koisuru Mademoiselle Kana Hanazawa Charlotte Dunois's Character Song
8 Kurayami wo Saku Hikari no Kodou Marina Inoue Laura Bodewig's Character Song
9 Watashi no Crystal Suzuko Mimori Kanzashi Sarashiki's Character Song
10 Who will be your heroine? Chiwa Saito Tatenashi Sarashiki's Character Song
11 Sleeping Lover IS Heroine All-Stars IS2: Love and Purge ED
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