Kaoruko Mayuzumi
Kaoruko Mayuzumi
 Kanji/Kana 黛 薫子
 Rōmaji Mayuzumi Kaoruko
 Also Known As
Personal Info
 Gender Female
 Age 16
 Nationality Japanese
 Relatives Nagisako Mayuzumi (older sister)
 Academic Standing
 Infinite Stratos (IS) None
 Status Active
 Appears in Manga & Anime
 Light Novel Debut Not Yet Available
 Manga Debut Chapter 4
 Anime Debut Episode 3
 Japanese Voice Saori Seto
 English Voice To be added
 Other Voice(s)

Kaoruko Mayuzumi (黛 薫子, Mayuzumi Kaoruko?) is a 2nd year IS Academy Student and Vice-President of the Newspaper Club.


Kaoruko has blue eyes, wears glasses and has dark brown hair attached in a short ponytail.


She is very forward and isn't shy to ask embarrassing questions, such as when she interviewed Ichika and Cecilia.


  • Ichika Orimura - She, like other girls, has a fascination for Ichika. She even told Ichika that he has to go on a date with her to "pay" for constructing Kanzashi IS.  
  • Tatenashi Sarashiki - In the past, Kaoruko had given Tatenashi many suggestions on building her own IS.

Infinite Stratos & Abilities

It can be deduced from Tatenashi's comments about her help that Kaoruko is the elite of the second year, and hence, her abilities at constructing and customizing an IS are very good. She has also displayed to have high physical abilities, being able to dodge attacks from an angry Tatenashi while taking pictures of her at the same time.


In the past, Kaoruko and Utsuho Nohotoke had helped Tatenashi build her own IS. The two were also part of the IS maintenance branch and continue to maintain it up to the present day.

Plot Synopsis

Episode 3: "Episode 3"

Kaoruko is first introduced as a photographer of the Newspaper Club, wanting to take a shot of Ichika and Cecilia shaking hands after their IS fight.

Episode 5: "Episode 5 "

She is seen again wanting to take a picture of Ichika and Charles when they were running away from the girls in the hallway.


  • "Hey there! This is the Newspaper Club. Can we get a picture of you and Cecilia-chan?"
    -Kaoruko to Ichika and Cecilia (Episode 3)


  • She uses a Nihon photo camera (anime).


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