A storm is coming! "Therefore, the student council have selected an advance scouting team to visit Kyoto." Ichika and the girls head for Kyoto at Tatenashi's request, with their minds on memories which will last a lifetime, and his on their secret mission to root out a Phantom Task cell. But when the second Brynhildr shows up too, things start to go off the rails! Under the fiery scarlet foliage of the ancient city, two battles unfold—one fought with quiet sighs and long gazes, the other with overwhelming firepower!


  • Chapter 1: Go West! Onward To Kyoto
  • Chapter 2: Double Classic! Sometimes Traditional, Sometimes Elegant
  • Chapter 3: Letters From The Inferno! The Ancient Capital Burns
  • Chapter 4: Girls On High! Spread Your Wings
  • Chapter 5: Re:Kyoto! Return To Kyoto
  • Epilogue: Dragon's Kiss
  • Afterwords




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