The third volume of the Infinite Stratos light novel series.


The time for the summer class trip to the sea is near, and the fight for Ichika's heart is as hot as the July weather. The girls will stop at nothing to corner him for their own, and when the swimsuits come out, it may just be checkmate! With the arrival of "The Genius" Tabane Shinonono comes with a huge surprise, and just the thing Houki needs to even the playing field. But it's not all fun in the sun when a military IS goes on a rampage, causing Ichika and the cadets to spring into action. Will our dear cast come to learn the meaning of true inner strength? Find out in this installment of IS, the high-speed school action romantic comedy!


  • Chapter 1: Rain Maker (乙女の心は晴れのち曇りレイン・メーカー)
  • Chapter 2: Ocean's Eleven (海に着いたら十一時!オーシャンズ・イレブン)
  • Chapter 3: Thin Red Line (その境界線の上に立ちシン・レッド・ライン)
  • Chapter 4: Dressy White (雪羅ドレッシィ・ホワイト)
  • Epilogue: Your Name is (君の名はユア・ネイム・イズ)
  • Afterwords


Okiura Illustrations

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