The sixth volume of the Infinite Stratos light novel series.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Flank speed ahead to romance! Each of our leading ladies is looking to steal Ichika’s heart at his birthday party. But for Cecilia, something else is weighing on her: the mysterious enemy who appeared at the school festival. With a last-minute decision to include first-year students in the high-speed IS battle race called Cannonball Fast, they may not be the only unplanned-for participants, as the mysterious Phantom Task still looms ever so closely. The high-speed school action romantic comedy can’t stop, won’t stop in the sixth volume of Infinite Stratos!

Chapters[edit | edit source]

  • Chapter 1: Silent Ones (静かなるもの, Shizukanaru Mono?)
  • Chapter 2: Resound, Maiden's Victory Song (鳴り響け、乙女の凱歌, Narihibike, Otome no Gaika?)
  • Chapter 3: Cannonball Fast (弾丸のように、速くキャノンボール・ファスト, Kyanonbōru Fasuto?)
  • Chapter 4: Heartbreaker (ハートブレイカー Hātobureikā?)
  • Epilogue: Reflection on the Water's Surface (水面映し, Epirōgu: Minamo Utsushi?)
  • Afterword

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