The seventh volume of the Infinite Stratos Light Novel. It is also the last volume published by Media Factory and illustrated by Okiura.


“Please! Take care of my sister!” Ichika doesn't know what to do about Tatenashi's sudden request, but what he can do is take on the semifinals of the all-years tag-team tournament alongside her little sister, Tatenashi Kanzashi. What he can't, or at least doesn't want to do, is explain why he's on a date with someone the other girls don't know of. Will Kanzashi end up with him? Will Tatenashi and Houki stomp their way to a victory? The sparks of love fly between two sisters in the seventh volume of a high-speed school battle romantic comedy!


  • Chapter 1: Sisters (シスターズ)
  • Chapter 2: Girls Beat (ガールズ・ビート)
  • Chapter 3: Open your Heart! (オープン・ユア・ハート)
  • Chapter 4: The Condition for a Hero (ヒーローの条件)
  • Epilogue: The Beautiful Night Under the Moon (エピローグ: 月のきれいな夜に)
  • Afterwords


Okiura Illustrations

CHOCO Illustrations



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