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The main setting of our adventure

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Infinite Stratos (IS)

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When possible, try to separate light novel info/events from the anime or manga info/events when appropriate. Some info and events can overlap and be used to add canon, but others will conflict, overlook or present a different variation to the light novel.

When possible in editing the contents of characters, please do a ton of research first before adding/deleting something to avoid errors. As much as possible, DO NOT delete something.

This wiki currently needs help with:

  • Characters of Infinite Stratos - Both Major and Minor Characters from the novel, anime and manga. For now, please update their individual synopsis through the anime episodes (of all seasons please), though if you want to include the light novel parts, you may do so...
  • Terminologies - The elements of this world with probably real-world explanatory.
  • Episode summaries and details - We seriously need people who have watched the anime for this.
  • Manga summaries and details - If you can update them, it would be helpful please as we are really falling behind in chapters and Volumes Listings as we are having trouble finding the info to put up.
  • Light Novel Summaries - For now the light novel is licensed, so we will wait till the translations come out, then we slowly add here. Much appreciation though to those who have seen the novel and can help us translate and put it here please.
  • Infinite Stratos Description (NEW!!) - Currently editing the character pages such that now individual IS have their own pages (Similar to the Gundam Wikia).

You can add info anonymously or login and gain the ability to upload images, blog and see less ads.

Franchise Status

The current status is as follows:

  • Light Novels - Volume 12 has been released in 2018.
  • Anime - OVA based on the World Purge-hen was released on November 26, 2014 and Infinite Stratos II Complete Collection is out on Amazon
  • Games/Others - Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge was released in 2015.
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