The Mondo Grosso is an Infinite Stratos International Tournament held every three years. Since the introduction of the IS, there have been 3 Mondo Grosso. As mentioned in Volume 3 of the light novel, the winner of the tournament gets the title of Brunhilde.


  1. Each country admits one IS and pilot who is their representative.
  2. The tournament is processed in an arena, with a basic rule being 1:1 match.
  3. The participants could use any kinds of weaponry - except for the kinds banned due to being unethical (although Absolute Barrier prevents serious injury or death of the pilot, it doesn't protect pilots from the kinds of weapon which is designed to torture the opponent, rather than actually inflicting injury.)
  4. The match ends when either sides' IS is depleted of shield energy (practically becoming non-combat capable), which usually happens when an IS receives critical attack and is forced to activate Absolute Barrier.

The inner stage of the arena (where two IS pilots battle it out) is surrounded by the protective shield (the same kinds used by IS, but stronger) to prevent injury to the gallery from any stray shot.

Known Participants

So far, the only two known participants of it was Chifuyu Orimura, who was the winner of the 1st Mondo Grosso and a finalist of the 2nd. The winner of the 2nd Mondo Grosso was the Italian Representative piloting the IS, the Tempest,  Alicia Jiosestaf.

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