One Off Ability (or simply One Off) is the special ability that IS can attain in 2nd Shift but can also manifest in 1st.

Reason for Occurance

  • As the IS and pilot gain more experience - maybe by getting to know each other better by spending more time together - the IS could optimize itself even further, eventually evolving to 2nd Shift.
  • The interesting part is that upon reaching the 2nd Form, some IS units begin to exhibit special abilities, one per IS which is a unique characteristic.


  1. No more than one IS unit should acquire the same ability.
  2. Attempts made to artificially generate the same One Off for multiple IS units in a controlled environment were unsuccessful. Thus, the One-Off is decided purely by the combination of the pilot and the IS factors alone.
  3. Although One-Off begins to manifest itself from 2nd Form, very few IS units have shown manifestation of their own One-Off, making this ability quite rare.

Known One-Off Abilities

Reiraku Byakuya

  • Byakushiki was the prototype for trying to recreate the One-Off Ability that originated from Chifuyu's own Yukihira.
  • Special attribute is to negate the effect of anything consisting of energy (the kinds that does not have a physical body.) Allows complete bypass of the opponent's IS shield. Since the attack would not be weakened by any shield (which is the key defense in every IS) a single direct hit is often enough to force opposing IS to activate Absolute Barrier, effectively rendering its energy-depleted.
  • Activation of this ability requires a vast amount of energy (which is much more than any IS unit can continuously supply) so in order to maintain the ability, additional energy has to be converted from its own shield.

Kenran Butou

  • Enables Houki to recover the shield energy of Akatsubaki, and also recover shield energy of other IS units she comes in contact with. It is presumed that Tabane specifically chose this ability so Houki could act as the primary support for Ichika's Byakushiki, which usually suffers from high energy consumption rate.

Early Tempest

  • Enables Alicia Jiosestaf to create clones of herself and Tempesta using wind. This allows her to outnumber her opponent. So far, she can create two clones at once.

Yuunagi Touya

  • Byakushiki new One-Off Ability after it evolved into 3rd Shift.
  • It enables Ichika to forcibly re-format any IS into its default setting.


  • Enables Tatenashi to create a wide-area stasis field that is both inescapable and unavoidable.
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