Rain Meusel
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 Kanji/Kana ダリル・ケイシー
 Rōmaji Dariru Keishī
 Also Known As Daryl Casey
Personal Info
 Birthday Unknown
 Gender Female
 Age 17-18
 Nationality America
 Relatives Squall Meusel (Aunt)
 Occupation Student, Phantom Task operate.
 Academic Standing Former 3rd student
 Infinite Stratos (IS) Hell Hound V2.5
 Affiliation IS Academy
Phantom Task
 Status Active/Alive
 Appears in Light Novel
 Light Novel Debut Light Novel Volume 7
 Manga Debut
 Anime Debut
 Japanese Voice
 English Voice
 Other Voice(s)

Rain Meusel was a third Year student who is the pilot of the personal IS Hellhound V2.5. She introduces herself in Volume 7 with the false name of Daryl Casey (ダリル・ケイシー, Dariru Keishī?). In Volume 10 she reveals herself to be a Phantom Task member, and that her agent name is Rain Meusel, Squall Meusel's niece. She was also the IS Representative Cadet of America.


Rainl is a tall, curvaceous young woman with her long blond hair tied back in a ponytail and large breast. She previously wore the IS Academy uniform and dark stockings.


Rain is very laid-back, confident, and somewhat unmanned. Even when facing the second Brunhilde, Alicia Jiosestaf, she didn't show any signs of fear and consistently insulted her. Daryl is rather vulgar and indecent, evident by the way she wore her uniform (revealing a bit of her underwear).

Rain shares a homosexual relationship with Forte Sapphire. She does genuinely care about Forte and usually flirts with her when the two are together. When Rain revealed who she really is, she allowed Forte to choose between following her or staying at the Academy. She didn't force Forte and admitted she had fun with her before Forte finally accepted to go with her. Afterwards, Rain became more intimate with Forte.


Infinite Stratos & Abilities

Rain is a highly-skilled fighter, being America's IS Representative Candidate and the ace of her year before revealing herself as a Phantom Task member. While likely very strong by herself, Rain is at her strongest when she's working alongside her lover Forte. The two display very impressive teamwork and can uses their respected IS's abilities in creative ways, being most famous for their unbreakable shield, Aegis. While working alongside Forte, the two were able to defend themselves from the second Brunhilde, Alicia Josestof before successfully retreating.

Rain pilots the Hellhound V2.5 IS that has the ability to manipulates flames. It was later upgraded to 2.8 after the Golem III attack.


  • Her cup size is F.
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