Ren Gotanda
 Kanji/Kana 五反田 蓮
 Rōmaji Gotanda Ren
 Also Known As
Personal Info
 Gender Female
 Relatives Gen Gotanda (father (in-law?)
Dan Gotanda (son)
Ran Gotanda (daughter)
 Academic Standing
 Infinite Stratos (IS)
 Status Active/Alive
 Appears in Light Novel
 Light Novel Debut
 Manga Debut
 Anime Debut
 Japanese Voice
 English Voice
 Other Voice(s)

Ren Gotanda is the mother of Dan Gotanda and Ran Gotanda in the series. She doesn't appear in the anime. In the light novel she is described as always having a smile on her face. She is also firmly supportive of her daughter and appears to like Ichika.

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