Room 1025 is the dormitory room resided in by Ichika Orimura. He was assigned to this room by his assistant homeroom teacher Maya Yamada, not knowing that his roommate would be his first childhood friend Houki. Later on, Charlotte Dunois got transferred to the IS Academy under a male disguise named "Charles", in which she was assigned as Ichika's roommate. Tatenashi Sarashiki then took the liberty of assigning herself to the room, which her purpose being to protect Ichika.

Architecture & Components

The room has a luxury hotel-like design:

  • Two single beds
  • A bathroom
  • Two computers
  • Bookshelves
  • A small kitchen
  • A balcony
Room 1025 sign

Room 1025's sign

Notable Events

  • Houki has changing/clothes issues with Ichika. (Volume 1)
  • Lingyin confronts Houki to exchange rooms with her (to become roommates with Ichika). (Volume 1)
  • Ichika discovers that Charles Dunois is actually a girl. (Volume 2)
  • Ichika and Charlotte having a fun night eating dinner. (Volume 2)
  • Ichika wakes up to discover Laura sleeping naked in his bed. (Volume 4)
  • Tatenashi becomes the third girl to sleep in the same room with Ichika. (Volume 5)
  • Ichika gets a nosebleed when Tatenashi makes him massage her. (Volume 5)
  • Cecilia, Lingyin, Charlotte and Laura try to sneak in at night but are caught by Maya Yamada, who's sleeping in Room 1025 on Chifuyu's request. (Volume 8) 


  • If we add up all the numbers of room number (1025), we get the number 8, which is a lucky charm in Asian culture.
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