Pilot Lingyin Huang
 Generation Type 3rd Generation
 Battle Type Close Combat
 Armaments Souten Gagetsu

Shenlong (申龍, Shenron?), also known as Koryu (こうりゅう?), is a Close-Combat 3rd Generation type provided by the Chinese government. It is piloted by Lingyin Huang.


The Shenlong is optimized for CQC.


  • Souten Gagetsu (そうてんげつ?): A pair of Chinese scimitar which could be combined to double-bladed form with blades on both ends and the hilt between them.
  • Ryuhou (りゅうほう?. lit. "Dragon Cannon"): A state of the art Impact/Shock Cannon utilizing third generation technology, a spherical device floating above each shoulder that forms a barrel by compressing nearby space and shooting out a linear-tragectory shockwave as invisible projectile. It is however damaging to the cannon and user if fired at point-blank.
  • Landslide: A package that allows the Shenlong to have an increase in functionality.
  • Thermal Diffusion Impact Cannons: A package that allows the Shenlong to have 2 pairs of empowered impact cannons that can shoot out bullets covered in scarlet red flames, instead of the usual invisible shockwave bullets.



  • The shoulders of the Shenlong are similar to the designs of the GNZ series Mobile Suits of the Innovators from the Gundam 00 series. The feet are also similar to the previously mentioned mobile suits, only difference is that the ones on the Shenlong are reversed.
  • Shenlong is also the name of Chang Wufei's Gundam in Gundam Wing.
  • Shenlong's Souten Gagetsu has same function withSword Impulse Gundam's Excalibur Anti-Ship Sword. They can also be seperated, or combined as a main weapon.
  • Interestingly, the cannons on Shenlong's shoulders also resembles the shoulder cannons/turbines on Geo Stelar in Megaman Star Force 3: Red Joker when he transforms into his Red Joker state. Whether or not either one ahs a basis or reference for the other is unconfirmed and is fairly unlikely, though. 
  • Shenlong's shoulder cannons are also similar with Dygenguar's General Blaster from Banpresto's Super Robot Wars. Both their shoulder pads are also almost similar in shape, except Dygenguar fires energy beams.
  • Shenlong's standby mode is a wrist band that is on the right wrist of Huang Lingyin.
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