This page is dedicated to the different terminologies of the light novel.

IS - Related

  • Infinite Stratos - The powered suit which serves the main backbone of the story, in that only the male protagonist is capable of piloting a unit after a decade prior to the fact only the female should be the main operators.
    1. Preset - Equipment that is already present on an IS, such as a sword for melee-type and a rifle for long-range.
    2. Equalizers - Additional equipment to be placed on an IS.
  • IS Representatives - The title given to IS users who are chosen to represent a country. These representatives are supplied with their own personal IS.
  • Mondo Grosso - The IS tournament held every 3 years.
  • Alaska Treaty - The treaty that bans the usage of IS in the military.
  • Fold-Out Armor - Special equipment designed by Tabane Shinonono for the 4th Generation IS.
  • One Off Ability - Special Ability gained through 2nd Shift.
  • Valkyrie Trace System - A program developed to increase the performance of the IS by mimicking the former winners of Mondo Grosso.
  • Active Inertia Canceller - A system designed to negate the inertia of a moving mass.


  • IS Academy - The place where the pilots go to learn everything about IS.
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