The Memory of a Summer is the first episode of Infinite Stratos 2.


Ichika appears to be sleeping on water, but is woken up. He stands up to find the White Knight IS standing in front of him. It then states it will kill him, and begins to choke him. He then wakes up to find everything normal, and Laura in his bed wearing a one-piece swimsuit. She then shows him a flyer to go to an amusement park, wanting to go alone with him. He suggests they invite everyone, which makes Laura mad. 

During breakfast, Charlotte and Laura have a desire to go out shopping and buy Laura some casual clothes. After Laura tries out some clothes, the two are ask to help out at a Maid & Butler Café. A bank robbery ends up occuring, but the two girls easily beat off the criminals. In the meantime, Ichika goes to ask the other girls (Cecilia, Lingyin, and Houki) individually if they want to go to the amusement park / festival the next day, which they all happily accept. When Ichika goes to Charlotte and Laura's room to ask them as well, the two girls are wearing cat pajamas (embarrassing them). 

At night, elsewhere, M breaks into a facility and deploys her IS to attack the guards.

The next day, Ichika meets up with the girls, who are all greatly annoyed to learn that Ichika invited everyone. They spend the rest of the day having fun around the park until nightfall. On top of a building, Tatenashi is watching, declaring that it is her turn to appear.

Major Events

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  • Madoka is unnamed and is just called M.
  • Madoka's clothes change when she uses her IS.
  • A OVA was produced that better shows the details of what happened at the amusement park and the festival. 
  • Another special was made, that has a few extra scenes added in the episode, and the detailed version of the OVA as well. 
  • Similarly to the first episode of Season 1, this episode starts with an event that occurs in the final episode of the series. 
  • There was an animation error after Lingyin punches Ichika with her IS. While she was covering her crest with her partial transformation, her hand could be seen in place of the IS's hand, but later it seems to return back to normal.
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