Translucent chord of Cinderella's heel is the third episode of Infinite Stratos 2.


Ichika is seen brushing his teeth in his room, and Tatenashi, on his bed, asks him to give her a massage. He continuously denies but is eventually forced to. Ichika then appears at the maid cafe, guiding various girls to their tables and taking orders. Lingyin then asks for him to, and orders the menu special which is where she gets to serve the butler. She does so, and asks Ichika to do the same. Houki walks up and tells her that's not a part of the special, so she begins to eat the food herself. Ichika remarks on how she looks cute when she eats, only to be knocked from his seat by Lingyin. He then goes to serve Makagami Ayako, who advertises gear for the Byakushiki to him. He keeps saying no, until a waitress friend of his says that he is needed. He thanks her, stating how there have been many people advertising their products. Tatenashi then comes to him and says he is needed for an important matter. In the shower room, she hands him a prince outfit. Ichika then appears on a stage, and it is said that Cinderella must steal the crown from the Prince. In secret, Tatenashi told Charlotte, Laura, Houki, Cecilia, and Lingyin that whoever got the crown would get to live with him. Chaos then ensues, with Lingyin first attacking, then Cecilia. Charlotte helps Ichika, but states she needs to crown. Ichika attempts to take it off, only for Tatenashi to explain he will be shocked as it symbolizes him and his country. Lingyin and Cecilia attempt to shoot Ichika, who grabs a shield and holds Charlotte to protect her. This makes them more furious, and they eventually break the shield, only for Ichika and Charlotte to fall down a small hill. Ichika, seemingly gone, wakes up to think he is dead, only to find himself under Charlotte's outfit. Ichika then runs off, only to be confronted by Laura. Tatenashi then sets off a trap, and Ichika saves Laura by going down a zipline. He then runs into Houki, who also asks him for the crown. Tatenashi then releases a boulder, and the two go to hide. Laura and Houki confront each other, only for their outfits to be cut up. Tatenashi states that all girls can now participate. Ichika runs away, only for his foot to be grabbed and him to be pulled underground. In a tunnel, Makagami confronts him and states she wants the Byakushiki, and partially deploys her IS to attack Ichika.

Characters (By Order of Appearance)

New Characters

  • Autumn (Disguised as Makagami Ayako)


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