Utsuho Nohotoke (布仏 虚 Nohotoke Utsuho) is a 3rd year student at the IS Academy, a member of the Student Council who appears in Volume 5 and the older sister of Honne Nohotoke.


Utsuho is a mature young woman with glasses and braided hair, that gives off a "resolute yet efficient" aura. Similar to her younger sister, she has a slim, curvaceous body but losing in terms if breats size to her. She normally wears a school uniform which has modified about short-sleeves blazer.


Compared to the playful Tatenashi Sarashiki , timid Kanzachi and childish Honne Nohotoke, Utsuho is more a mature and straightforward person. Because of this, Ichika Orimura refers her as the 'sane one' comparethe other two. She takes her duty quite seriously and must constantly remind maners her litlle sister.


Honne Nohotoke

Honne is Utsuho's younger sister where they both work for the Student Council under Tatenashi Sarashiki. She must often hold her back and teling her to act how she should have

Ichika Orimura

Ichika and Utsuho get along well. Due to her personality, Ichika would go to her for advice, in regards to Student Council work and Tatenashi. Utsuho is one of the very few girls at the academy that doesn't possess a romantic interest in Ichika.

Dan Gotanda

Utsuho met Dan while he was waiting for Ichika Orimura at the school gates, when Ichika invited him to the IS Academy school fair. It is hinted that she has a crush on Dan (to the extent of asking Ichika about Dan and blushing when Ichika asked why) and she has become Dan's girlfriend in Volume 10.

Tatenashi Sarashiki

Tatenashi is Utsuho's master and childhood friend. They are in very good terms with each other and Tatenashi trust her with every work she make her do

Infinite Stratos & Abilities

Utsuho's doesn't posses a IS. Given that Tatenashi Sarashiki went to her for advice about competing her IS, it can be assumed that she possess great knowledge and skills in IS mechanism. She is especially skilled at dismantling.


Currently, nothing is known about Utsuho history except that she is a member of the IS Academy's student council.

Plot Synopsis

Utsuho does not appear in the anime.


  • The name Utsuho means "void" (虚).
  • Utsuho's surname Nohotoke means "cloth" (布) (no) and "Buddha" (仏) (hotoke).


Utsuho's quotes will be updated when available.


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